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Blushing is an involuntary response to an event, situation or occurrence that we think might shame us, embarrass or discourage us. It can also be a response to situation that tends to put us at the center of attention or might be as a result of an exciting situation such as when one gets attracted to a member of the opposite sex and maybe you are caught staring or just looking. In all the situations, blushing is a way of hiding what we really feel and it speaks much about us. Blushing can sometimes become embarrassing itself and there is a need to face it as a problem if you frequently find yourself anxious and always blushing. So what is the cure? We give you a few tips below on how you can get yourself out of this rather annoying habit.

Try taking a deep breath- Taking a deep breath work wonders. If you find yourself in an embarrassing situation for example when you are giving a speech and you mess up words, instead of just going on, take a deep breath then go on with your speech. This act will calm your nerves and you will be able to go on without blushing. Blushing can cause you more embarrassment as you feel ashamed as you realize that the public have noticed your facial blushing. Always take a deep breath as you get ready for your next words. This makes you less anxious and you become more composed.

Try to have that ‘don’t care attitude’- Mostly, you will find that you actually get anxious because you care so much about what people think about you. Most people concentrate about what people notice and say about them. If you are talking to a group of people, and you think that they are talking about your weakness, you tend to get more anxious and as you become anxious, you are unable to speak or do anything perfectly. This embarrasses you and you might find yourself blushing. You should try and be your own judge and don’t let anyone have a say about what you feel about yourself. If you feel you are good to go, then you are. Don’t care about what people thinks about you.

Value yourself- Most people have a lot of anxiety because they really don’t believe in themselves. If you really value yourself, are more confident and don’t depend on others approval, then you become less anxious. This gives you the courage to talk about anything and with anyone without worrying so much about the outcome. You become more sure of yourself and what you are doing. You will feel that you don’t need anyone’s approval and this makes you perfect and you don’t even mess. Sometimes we do an error just because we fear making it!

It is clear that, anxiety and blushing mostly go hand in hand. The more you grow, the more you get more anxious as you become aware of your weaknesses as compared to others expectations about you. The good news however is that, with good habits and change in our perception, we can always get rid of our anxiety and blushing habit.

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