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Relaxation Techniques to reduce facial Blushing

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Relaxation Techniques to reduce facial Blushing

Blushing is a redness that occurs on the faces of some people depending on several factors. These factors can be emotional such as stress and anxiety, physical such as warm weather or sometimes it can be psychological. However, regardless of what the cause of the cause of the facial blushing can be, the condition can be embarrassing and sometimes can lower a person’s self-esteem. In that case, we provide you with some relaxations techniques that have worked for several people and we hope that it can be useful to you too.

What are some of the relaxation techniques available?

For some people, anxiety, stress or other physical factors may be the major cause for their blushing. In this case, relaxation is the only remedy and below is the steps to which you can achieve that.


How you breathe plays a huge role in your relaxation exercise. In a room, find a comfortable place that you can sit and find something that you can stare. This will help you to focus on the relaxation process ahead. While breathing, take inside and outside inhalations slowly. The main aim of the whole process is to relax so being comfortable in the process is a mandatory.

Your toes and other parts of the body

After achieving the above first step, strive to spread the feeling of relaxation to your whole body. Concentrate on the areas around your toes and the top of your head. Gather your thoughts to thinking that there is some warmth on the areas around your toes. As you breathe, imagine the effect the warmth on your toes will have on the rest of your body. The main aim of this process is to imagine that your whole body is warm and that you are comfortable.

The arms and the fingers techniques

During the process, you will notice that focusing on the toes alone is not enough to relax the whole of your body especially for a grown adult. Like the way you did with the toes, concentrate on feeling the warmth on your fingertips. The warmth should spread down your palms to your arms. While at it, remember to feel your chest moving inside and outwards while your stomach and your lower back participating in the movements. Allow your arms to relax completely and in the process, it will alter the relaxation of the remain upper parts of your body.

The expected results of relaxation

During the process, you will deem it a success if by the end of it all you will realize that you have relaxed and forgotten most of the factors that brought you problems before such as anxiety or stress. You will notice the redness in your face has faded or gone away completely thereby taking the blush away with it.


Various factors cause blushing. If you visit For some emotional and physical factors such as anxiety, stress and any other form of uncomfortably, the main remedy to the condition is relaxation. Take a spot in a quiet place and start imagining things. Focus on making your toes warm. This will spread to the lower parts of your body. Doing the same with your fingertips should be able to relax the upper parts of your body.

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